TN Option 1 LST MIT PASTE Omar Jonathan
Podcast #3 - Omar Abudayyeh & Jonathan Gootenberg | MIT McGovern Institute
Video interview with Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg, who are the leading research fellows at the MIT McGovern Institute spearheading the pioneering research into the new PASTE (Programmable Addition...
Alan & Siva Firmer Smile
Podcast #2 - Siva Nadarajah | JOGO Health
Video interview with Co-Founder and President of JOGO Health, a Digital Health firm that helps treat chronic pain and movement disorders by tapping into the neuroplasticity of the brain. Our discussion...
Pilar Thumbnail Option 1
Podcast #1 - Pilar Fernandez Hermida | i-Expand
Video interview with CEO & Founder of i-Expand, a firm that helps Health Tech start-ups to scale with commercial success. The discussion covered multiple trends and topics within the Life Sciences...