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Podcast #1 - Pilar Fernandez Hermida | i-Expand
Video interview with CEO & Founder of i-Expand, a firm that helps Health Tech start-ups to scale with commercial success. The discussion covered multiple trends and topics within...
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Trend #1 - Genomics: Polygenic Risk Scores
Polygenic risk scores and genomics are revolutionising the preventative medicine and healthcare landscape. Here I provide a quick overview of polygenic risk scores, its benefits and...
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Podcast #2 - Siva Nadarajah | JOGO Health
Video interview with Co-Founder and President of JOGO Health, a Digital Health firm that helps treat chronic pain and movement disorders by tapping into the neuroplasticity of the brain....
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Podcast #3 - Omar Abudayyeh & Jonathan Gootenberg | MIT McGovern Institute
Video interview with Omar Abudayyeh and Jonathan Gootenberg, who are the leading research fellows at the MIT McGovern Institute spearheading the pioneering research into the new PASTE...

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